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The Inspirational Story of Eden Perfumes Featuring The Dubai Collection

In the words of Coco Chanel, “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume, has no future.” We got in touch with the team at Eden Perfumes to ensure that you don’t get caught slipping

Established in 2014, Eden Perfumes has since grown into South Africa’s leading generic perfume brand. Providing excellent alternatives to branded perfumes at an affordable price. The products are long-lasting and of outstanding quality because they are made from A-Grade oils imported from Grasse in France.

The brand has steadily established its presence with 25 stores in prominent shopping centres around Gauteng, an online store that delivers nationwide and stock over 130 of the most popular perfumes from all the different fragrance houses. Due to the nature of the origin of the perfumes, they’re able to provide their consumers with the latest trends, which are in line with the European market. Here, Digital Marketing Specialist, Kaylin Van Westendorp lets us in on the creative process behind the Dubai collection.

Glamour: Could you elaborate on how Eden Perfumes captures the essence of extravagance and sophistication in its collection?

Kaylin: We capture the essence of extravagance and sophistication in our Dubai Collection through meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality ingredients. This collection features oud fragrances, known for their rich and luxurious aroma, with a much higher oil concentration than standard perfumes. This concentration, indicated by the label "Extrait de Parfum," ensures a stronger and longer-lasting scent, amplifying its luxurious allure. The packaging further elevates the feeling of luxury with its gold details, symbolizing opulence and elegance. Every component used in crafting the packaging of this premium perfume is of the highest quality, enhancing the collection's sophistication and reflecting our dedication to luxury and excellence.

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Glamour: How does Eden Perfumes ensure the quality and longevity of its products, particularly in comparison to branded perfumes?

Kaylin: We use only the finest perfume oils imported directly from the perfume capital of the world – Grasse in France. This ensures that our perfumes have a high-quality scent that lasts long.

Before we introduce any scent to the market, it goes through numerous stages of market research to ensure that we choose a long-lasting perfume that appeals to the customers taste. Our new Dubai Collection also contains perfumes with a higher oil concentration, similar to "extrait de parfum," which contributes to its increased longevity on the skin.

Glamour: What sets Eden Perfumes apart from other perfume brands in South Africa, considering its focus on providing an alternative to branded options?

Kaylin: What sets us apart is that we offer high-quality, affordable perfumes made from A-Grade oils imported from Grasse, France. We stay up-to-date with the latest European trends, by launching new perfumes at least twice a year and we offer a wide range of perfumes, stocking over 150 popular perfumes from various fragrance houses. The owners have over 32 years combined retail perfume experience, so customers know they are in the hands of experts when buying an Eden Perfumes product. With 25 stores in and around Gauteng, as well as an online store that delivers nationwide, luxury perfumes are readily accessible to the end user at an affordable price. We also provide a Home Fragrance range, discovery kits, and lotions enriched with Lanolin, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera.

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Glamour: Can you explain the significance of sourcing A-Grade oils from Grasse, France, and how it contributes to the overall quality of Eden Perfumes?

Kaylin: Sourcing A-Grade oils from Grasse in France ensures the authenticity, richness, and complexity of our fragrances. Grasse is renowned as the perfume capital of the world, with a history steeped in luxury perfumery. The oils from Grasse are of exceptional quality, known for their purity and long-lasting scents, which are more authentic compared to the alternatives. By sourcing from Grasse, Eden Perfumes can offer customers fragrances that are prestigious and of the highest quality, adding value to their products and appealing to those seeking luxury perfumes.

A-Grade perfume oils are prized for their quality, complexity, and longevity. They are derived from high-quality raw materials and carefully processed by the perfume experts to retain their purity and fragrance profile. These oils provide perfumes with a rich, layered, and nuanced fragrance, setting them apart from lower-grade alternatives. Perfumes made with A-Grade oils are also known for their long-lasting scent, providing a more enduring olfactory experience.

Glamour: With 25 stores across Gauteng and a nationwide delivery service, how does Eden Perfumes ensure consistency in customer experience and product availability?

Kaylin: We ensure consistency in customer experience and product availability across our 25 stores in and around Gauteng and nationwide delivery service through rigorous quality control measures in our factory as well as investing in staff training to ensure that they are knowledgeable and give excellent customer service.

We genuinely value our customers and aim to offer the best products and services at affordable prices. Our customers are at the heart of our business, and we continuously strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, ensuring their satisfaction is our priority.

Glamour: How does Eden Perfumes stay updated with the latest trends in the European market and incorporate them into its product offerings?

Kaylin: We stay up to date with European market trends by monitoring industry developments, maintaining strong relationships with European suppliers and experts, and collaborating with perfumers to develop new products. We launch new products at least twice a year, ensuring that we incorporate the latest trends into our offerings and remain relevant and appealing to consumers.

Glamour: What are some of the most popular perfumes offered by Eden Perfumes, and what factors contribute to their popularity?

Kaylin: Our Dubai Collection has been incredibly successful, filling a gap in the market for affordable oud perfumes. Among our “scent similar to” collection, our most sought-after perfumes for women are Queen and Scandalous. Their popularity stems from their strong fruity scents, which resonate with a wide range of South Africans. For men, our top choices are Nevada and Stronger for Men. Interestingly, the original fragrances that inspired Queen and Stronger are not widely recognized. Customers don't typically walk in asking to try our versions of those scents. Instead, they specifically request Queen or Stronger, indicating that we have successfully raised awareness and recognition for these fragrances. Customers are sometimes more interested in experiencing the unique identity of our inspired scents rather than seeking out replicas of the original fragrances.

Glamour: Could you discuss the role of affordability in Eden Perfumes' business model and how it impacts consumer accessibility to luxury fragrances?

Kaylin: Affordability plays a crucial role in our business model and is part of our vision which is to bring top quality products to the South African market at an affordable price point. By sourcing A-Grade oils from Grasse, France, directly and using quality ingredients, we maintain a high standard of quality and we are able to keep our prices affordable because we have cut out the middle man. This approach makes luxury fragrances more accessible to a wider range of consumers who may not be able to afford higher-priced branded perfumes.

The affordability of our products also contributes to our overall accessibility. With all our stores and nationwide delivery service, we ensure that our products are readily available to consumers across South Africa. This accessibility, combined with our affordable pricing, allows more people to experience the luxury and quality of our fragrances, ultimately expanding our customer base and driving business growth.

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Glamour: In what ways does Eden Perfumes prioritize customer satisfaction, both in terms of product quality and overall shopping experience?

Kaylin: We place strong emphasis on customer satisfaction considering it paramount to our success over the past 10 years. We attribute this success to our high-quality oils in our perfumes, our rigorous quality control measures in the factory, as well as to listening to our customers' wants and needs. Customer feedback is taken very seriously, and we are always seeking ways to enhance their product experience. For instance, in response to feedback about the initial strength of our Crystal perfume, we collaborated with suppliers to create a more potent and spicier version, known as Crystal 45. We also train all our sales staff at least 3 times a year in product knowledge, sales and customer satisfaction training.

Glamour: What future developments or expansions does Eden Perfumes have planned to maintain its position as South Africa's leading generic perfume brand?

Kaylin: Due to an overwhelming demand for our products, extensive market research and the consistent influx of customer requests for the establishment of physical stores in the Western Cape, we are aiming to open 4 additional stores along the West Coast in 2024/2025, and we will continue to market our very successful online store to make us accessible to every South African.

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