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From Cape Town to Cancun and Rio de Janeiro, these are the top 10 wedding destinations of the world

Destination wedding anyone? It’s wedding season and with global travel slowly opening back up, now’s a great time to celebrate your union in an scenic, exotic location.

If you need help choosing an ideal destination, research by DC Jewellers reveals the top wedding destinations in the world, according to indexes including average temperature, average cost of a 5-star hotel, number of years gay marriage has been legal, and number of Google searches in 2022.

South African locals will be happy to know that Cape Town ranked number 2 on the list just behind Mexico City. Cape Town gains it’s number 2 spot thanks to its sunny climate and the legalisation of same-sex marriage since 2006, while Mexico City is favoured for its affordability, with hotel rooms selling for as low as £86 per night - nearly seven times less expensive than the highest average hotel price on our list. It is also loved for its vibrant culture and friendly atmosphere.

Mexico’s Cancun and Playa Del Carmen take the third and fourth respectively for their warm temperatures and sunny climate.

Australia’s Sydney topped the list for its sunny weather, and abundance of 5-star hotels. It is one of the most desired wedding destinations with 9580 Google searches in 2021.

Barcelona and Lisbon came in 6th and 7th respectively, Rio de Jenero 8th, while Buenos Aires came in 9th place for its affordable stays at luxury hotels.

Madrid takes the tenth spot followed by Johannesburg for its affordable luxury hotels.

See below for the full list of top wedding destinations.

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