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6 reasons to consider a winter wedding

Pic: Unsplash
Pic: Unsplash

Pic: Unsplash

Spring and summer mark peak season for weddings across South Africa, but winter has a certain romance of its own. Winter wedding fashion is exquisite, and rich and hearty comfort food combined with a crackling fireplace is something your guests will always remember. A winter wedding can be charming and magical.

Aneri Wolmarans, the events coordinator at Protea Hotel by Marriott Rustenburg Hunters Rest, shares her top reasons to consider a winter wedding:

Everything looks better and lasts longer

You won't have to worry about your cake melting or your flowers wilting; everything will stay fresher for longer – including the bride and groom.

Your photographs will look different

Wedding photographers will agree that winter provides much better lighting conditions. Your photographs will also look different due to the winter landscape, and the different colours of the sunset.

Winter wedding fashion is beautiful

The winter wedding dress allows for adding drama and elegant accessories. Think long sleeves, a cape, shawls, gloves and faux fur. An enormous plus-point as well is that your make-up will look completely perfect the entire day.

Rich and hearty comfort food

One of the most memorable things about any wedding is the food. Imagine rich local cheeses and warm apple cider, white hot chocolate, cheese fondue, a pasta station with at least three sauces, and a dessert table thick with rich puddings, smothered in chocolate.

Winter allows for unusual décor 

A winter wedding opens up a whole new diversity of décor and design ideas. Consider dried oak leaves as a substitute for confetti and fluffy cotton flowers to create the illusion of snow on the tables. 

Venues are more affordable

Many wedding venues will possibly reduce their rates in winter because it is off-season. It is the ideal time to shop around and find everything you want for your perfect day at costs that are more affordable. Search for a venue that presents that cosy and intimate winter-feel. 

For example, our venue has been newly renovated to suit your perfect winter wedding. The newly built chapel is circled by fire pits to keep guests warm in winter, and the open-air boma seats up to 300 people, plus there are loads of activities to keep the children busy. The hotel also has a magnificent new spa set away from the hotel if the bride and her entourage want to be pampered the day before.

All-in-all, a winter wedding can be just as enchanting as one at any other time of the year. 

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