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Five ways to preserve your bridal bouquet after your wedding day

From resin art to potpourri, there are so many creative ways to preserve a bouquet and capture the essence of your wedding for decades to come.

One of the most stunning visuals at any wedding is undoubtedly that of the bride holding the bouquet as she walks down the aisle.

Whether it’s the classic posy bouquet tied with a ribbon or one that cascades down the front of the bride’s dress with a waterfall of blooms and foliage, when it comes to wedding planning, every detail right down to each individual flower has been thoughtfully selected by the bride and expertly placed by a florist.

So the thought of simply tossing the bridal bouquet into a sea of singles is somewhat gut-wrenching. This is why most brides are opting to have two bouquets made for their wedding day – one to throw and to keep.

Since bridal bouquets are said to symbolise happiness and satisfaction in marriage, keeping the bouquet is a really beautiful way to preserve the magical moment the bride and groom first see each other. However, regardless of how well they are tended to, a bouquet of cut flowers is unlikely to see the newly-weds through to their two-week anniversary if they are not preserved correctly.

Here are five ways you can preserve a bouquet and capture the essence of your wedding for years to come.

3D resin art

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Resin is a viscous substance that dries clear and is widely used in building as an adhesive, coating or when a strong bonding material is required. However, it is also a very popular medium for art. In its liquid form it can be dyed with paints and powdered pigments that can be layered, resulting in a 3D effect. Brides have used resin art as a method for preserving their wedding flowers. A resin artist will arrange the flowers in an aesthetically pleasing way and trap them in place using clear resin which will protect the natural beauty of the blooms forever with a glossy sheen that makes colours pop.

Shadow box

Once your flowers have dried, have them placed for display inside a shadow box. The glass boxes have depth so you’ll be able to appreciate the flowers from all angles while protecting them from dust and pesky pets with a penchant for gnawing on house plants. The best part about this trend is that it is so easy to DIY at home. It takes a little bit of creativity and planning, but the end result – a wonderful keepsake from your special day – is worth it.

Pressed flowers

Your whole bouquet can be pressed and dried and then framed between two pieces of glass, creating a stunning and sentimental piece of wall art. If you have a feature wall at home with framed family photos and artwork, this piece will blend right in and make for a great conversation piece. Some couples choose to have their wedding invitations placed inside the glass along with their flowers or have their wedding dates embossed on the outside in metallic paint for a chic finish.


Scents can sometimes summon memories just as quickly as visuals which is why this method of preserving wedding flowers works so well. If this is something you would like to try for your bouquet, make sure you pick out flowers such as roses or lavender which retain their signature fragrance when dried. Keep the dried blooms in a jar tied with the ribbon used on the bouquet and have the date of your wedding painted on the glass for an extra-special touch.

Painting or drawing

Your special day may have already come and gone and your beautiful bridal bouquet has either begun to wither and dry or you may no longer have it at all. Fortunately weddings are well documented so you’re sure to have a ton of pictures of the bouquet captured from every angle. From digital art to watercolours and pencil crayon, find an artist that specialises in wedding bouquets to recreate your bouquet on paper. The final result can be framed and hung in your home along with the other wedding pictures.

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