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Social Consciousness was on the Menu at Niecy Nash’s Recent Nuptials

Actress Niecy Nash married Jessica Betts at a private ceremony in Southern California. Many fans were surprised when Nash posted a picture of the couple on her social media with the caption, Mrs. Carol Denise Betts / #LoveWins.

The news that Nash was in love with and married someone of the same gender created a social media frenzy that overshadowed the fact that 95% of the businesses hired to execute the wedding were owned by people of colour or women.

The couple hired celebrity wedding planner, William P. Miller, to produce the “rustic chic” themed wedding. It was important to Niecy and Jessica to ensure the guests’ safety and to support as many Black-owned businesses as well as women-owned businesses as possible.

Commitment to women and people from historically disadvantaged or marginalised backgrounds is especially important now given the damage that the Coronavirus pandemic has waged on the live event industry.

Many of these businesses are in survival mode and are on the verge of closing.

Miller collaborated with other companies to produce a safe celebration with on-site rapid COVID-19 testing and incorporated infused nature and botanical elements that carried throughout the wedding design.

Faheem Smith of Inkredible Dance Floor designed a custom bridal walkway that was the perfect accent to the floral arrangements designed by Ezai Florals.

Niecy Nash marries Jessica Betts Image: Robert Ector

Davon Johnson curated an experiential photo wall where guests took a commemorative photograph prior to dining on a delicious four-course meal prepared by Chef Will Jones.

Nash described her wedding day as “A magical day that she loved.”Collectively, each vendor contributed to creating and executing a flawless celebration.

Miller praised the couple’s commitment to the social consciousness of supporting black owned businesses Stating, “Though I’ve been in the business for 22 years and have planned events for such luminaries as First Lady Mchelle Obama, Holly Robinson Peete, Adrienne Maloof, Kym Whitley, Sheryl Lee Ralph and others, Black event professionals are often not considered for opportunities to produce weddings or other high profile social events for celebrities with the same budgets as white producers”.

Jessica Betts, Image: Robert Ector

I hope that corporations and other celebrities, particularly blacks, would recognize this disparity within the event planning industry and consider recycling their black dollars with black event professionals.

The style and skill set of black event professionals are impeccable! We just need the opportunity to showcase our work.

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