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Why grazing tables are a great way to cater for smaller intimate weddings

Wedding receptions are no longer the grand elaborate affairs they used to be. Bridal couples have had to scale down their weddings to due lockdown restrictions.

But there is a positive side to not being able invite your entire family and all the uncle and aunties you barely know.

Being forced to cut the guest list means less people which means less food. The money you save on catering costs can now be used on other parts of your wedding.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that your food has to appear “low budget”.

This is why grazing tables are such a great way to cater for a smaller, more intimate, wedding.

So what is a grazing table?

Think charcuterie boards but on a grander, more elaborate scale.

Or you can think of it as a buffet without the awkward line up of people standing with empty plates waiting to be served.

A grazing table is a visually appealing feast spread out on a table where guest can freely mill around. Making it a great spot to mingle while snacking on a wide variety of treats.

A vast variety of foods are artistically spread across a table entwined around bowls of dips or olives and piles of fruit or nuts, that even though there are so many different types of foods, it still looks visually appealing and not overwhelming.

Your guests will be taking food Instagram shots from all angles!

So what will you typically find on a grazing table?

Baskets of assorted bread rolls and crackers, seasonal fruit, artisan cheese, platters of prosciutto and salamis, char-grilled veggies, home-made dips and spreads, pickels and olives.

We found a few fab tables to draw inspiration for your wedding.


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