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Wrapistry, a wedding gifting app defying tradition

An online store that helps wedding guests choose personal gifts for the couple in an efficient and simple way? Yes, it exists. is a digital start-up that is improving the way wedding guests gift and interact with the couple during the wedding frenzy.

How does it work? Each couple creates a personalised wedding registry online and adds an appropriate number of gifts from various price points before sharing a link to the registry with their guests.

Guests follow the link to choose their gifts and have an opportunity to write a personal message to the couple before completing an electronic payment. Following the wedding, couples can log into the registry to review a list of all gifts and generate personalised email thank you notes.

Other services include a support team to assist guests in choosing the perfect gift. A group gifting facility is also available, that allows multiple guests to contribute to pricier items and a free delivery service to a single address.

“We decided to reinvent the traditional wedding gifting process to address many of the pain points that couples and their immediate family experience while planning a wedding. This is a foundation business that we built, from the ground up, to give customers the interactive experience they desire,” says CEO, Jed Shein.

Wrapistry has gone through the usual ups and downs yet it seems like it will be a success. A pretty smart idea we think.

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