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Why young people are embracing spirituality

Pic: Instagram Many young people are embracing spirituality and are no longer hiding it, even celebrities are sharing their stories.

In the past month, we have seen the likes of singer Kelly Khumalo,  an actress, and director Thishiwe Ziqubu and Masechaba Ndlovu have shared snippets of their spiritual journey-something that was frowned upon in the previous years. 

In the previous years, we have celebrities such as tv personality Boity Thulo, singer  Buhle Mda and actress Dawn King announcing that they have accepted their spiritual calling. 

But what is spirituality? Akhona Ntuli, a spiritual life coach, explains spirituality as a basis and foundation of life, understanding that a person is a soul connected to other souls,

while we have this human experience. It’s the interdependence we have with my ancestors, with God, and with life. 

“Understanding that everything starts and ends in the spirit allows me peace and being firm in the promises that God has made over my life and being in a constant state of gratitude for the miracles,” says Ntuli

Nowadays, we hear “Thokoza gogo” often- a term commonly used on by people who when addressing traditional healers. 

Gogo Dineo Ndlanzi, a sangoma and spiritual teacher, says the new surge of African spirituality can be attributed to people being more conscious about their Africanism; especially amongst the youth. They tend to be revolutionaries, rebels and are the ones who ask the ‘why’ question more often.


"There is a movement of awakening consciousness among young people. People are starting to question their identity outside religious systems" says Ndlanzi. 


She also says that social media has played a massive role in popularising spirituality. Social media allows people to display what African spirituality it entails, which, in turn, normalizes it.  Spirituality is shown as inspirational, something admirable, and made it spirituality accessible anywhere.


"Sangoma's have become influencers and relevant to society. It is easy to admire their take on modern and beautiful clothes made out of their traditional clothes," says Ndlanzi.

Gogo Refiloe Moyo specialises in issues related to spirituality and the interpretation of dreams says another reason for it being embraced than it was before is because people are being exposed to the conversation around it.

“More families are now gravitating towards spirituality without having to hide behind religion as they did before because society labeled us as witches,” says Moyo.

As times change accessibility and the practice are accommodating young people, they can now access and consult via technology.

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