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Beauty turn-ons (and offs!)

We think you should embrace all the looks you love, but in case you’re curious, we asked 100 men what they rate and hate.


Go nude On your nails that is; 60% of the guys we polled prefer barely there nail colour and a few even specified that they like a French manicure. Red or fluorescent nail polish each earned 20% of the vote. For an elegant, shimmery pink, TRY Essie in Flower Girl.

Put down the mean-girl goggles! When asked about their ideal body shape, 38% of the guys opted for curvy, 33% voted for an athletic build and 23% chose petite.


The eyes have it Stock up on volumising mascara! Of the guys we polled, 30% said the first thing they notice is your eyes; 25% said breasts and 23% said butt (well, they are men after all). Get big lashes with Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara.


Use your toothbrush More than half the guys said bad breath is their biggest turn-off, so look after those pearly whites! Ditch bad breath with Colgate Plax Original Complete Mouthwash. The runner up at 40% was wearing too much makeup. Get rid of panda eyes with Johnson’s Healthy Skin 3 in 1 Make-up Removing Lotion. The best news? Cellulite wasn’t even on their radar!

Leave it long and dark What to do with your hair? Long and loose garnered 61% of the vote followed by a simple ponytail with 19%. Hair colour concerns? Brunette scooped first place with 43% followed by blonde with 37%, black with 15% and red with 5%.

Wear something fresh When in doubt, go for a fresh fragrance, say 60% of guys. However, 25% say they love a whiff of a fruity scent followed by 15% who say a floral does it for them. You’ll both love the sparkling freshness in Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche.

Hold off on those coloured contacts Turns out that guys aren’t really fazed about the colour of your eyes. Blue eyes got the most votes (40%), but green and hazel were close runners-up, tying at 30% each.

Keep it simple It’s no surprise to hear that guys aren’t into makeup trends. An overwhelming 80% chose natural makeup, although red lips and pink cheeks also ranked high. When asked how long a woman should take to get ready, 71% said 30 minutes (the time it takes us to create that natural hair and no-makeup look!) while 15% were kind enough to say one hour. For sheer coverage, TRY Elizabeth Arden Intervene Makeup SPF15.

Don’t retire your flat-iron A whopping 70% of guys favour straight hair. Curly came second with 20%, and 10% like afro and braids the best. Keep your locks silky smooth with L’Oréal Elvive Smooth-Silk Light Smoothing Shampoo.


Famous faces they love!
No. 5 Beyoncé (4%)
No. 4 Scarlett Johansson (14%)
No. 3 Kate Hudson (20%)
No. 2 Jessica Alba (30%)
No. 1 Megan Fox (32%)

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