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Eye spy

Freshen up your look with colours that’ll make your eyes pop! But be warned: bold tones emphasise imperfections like puffiness and undereye shadows, so be vigilant with your eye care routine.

Brighten calm tired, irritated eyes for 10 minutes with cotton pads soaked in cold milk. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory remedy. Eye drops can also brighten eyes by shrinking blood vessels and improving colour. Short on time? A dab of highlighter or concealer applied to the inner corner of your eye, over eye cream will help brighten the area. TRY Nivea Visage Natural Beauty Radiance Boosting Eye Cream.

Bags be gone! Undereye bags are often hereditary, but exhaustion can also be a culprit. Fake eight hours of sleep by boosting blood circulation to your eye area with a cream containing caffeine. Before using your moisturiser, apply a pea-sized amount by tapping your ring fingertip gently along your lower eye socket, from the inside corner to the outside. TRY Givenchy No Surgetics Lifting Eye Gel De-Puffer; Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll-on.

Fix for free Most women with undereye bags or dark circles don’t normally reach for a potato – but they should. “Potatoes cool skin and constrict blood flow, decreasing puffiness. They also help to drain toxins and pooled blood from the area,” says dermatologist Anne Chapas. Cut two thin slices from a fridge-chilled spud and place over eyes. Leave for 10 minutes. “Discolouration, caused by excess alcohol, cigarettes or poor circulation, can also be dealt with by improving your exercise routine, to aid lymph drainage,” says Anne.

Colour comeback
DO pair dramatic eye colour with nude lips.
DON’T forget that ethnic and dark skin tones can use any bright colour, and look even better with metallic shades.
DO use metallic shadows for a GLAM night look.
DON’T use yellow shades if you’re fair-skinned.
DO try an eye palette with a variety of spring brights. It’s one of the most cost-effective beauty buys.

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