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Q: How can I incorporate block colour in my mainly-black wardrobe?

If you tend to wear lots of black (most of us do!), add colour with accessories such as belts, heels or a bag. A blouse in a pop of colour will also update your look, without taking you too far out of your comfort zone. Another easy way to add trendy colour to your wardrobe? Combine it with nudes or neutrals for a finish that’s modern and sleek. ideally, though, block colour is about the fun of colour with… more colour. So why not give it a go with something like pink or red jeans (very trendy) or a fabulous bright skirt combined with a bright top? It’s easier than you think and the compliments will encourage you to do it again, but if you really find it too much, you can always lose the bright top and revert to always classic black or white tee.

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