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Secrets from an eco model

Angela Lindvall, face of the sustainable fragrance pureDKNY, shares her tips for living beautifully. 

Work with people you believe in “Donna Karan is an amazing and inspiring woman. She’s an advocate for the environment and social responsibility, and I’m motivated by her as an entrepreneur, a woman and a mother.” 


Respect the environment “Being eco-friendly is a state of mind and it’s become a big buzz word. I could talk for hours about recycling, composting or using a reusable water jug – all of these make an impact. But the biggest thing is to take the time to connect with one another and with our environment, to realise that we’re part of the world, and not separate entities.” 


Buy sustainable products “I love that all of the ingredients for pureDKNY are sourced from different places. It’s amazing to be able to give back to communities.” 


Angela’s top 4 beauty secrets

 1 Start with the inside “If you don’t feel good about yourself, that’s how you’ll look on the outside.”


2 Take care of tired skin “Use a natural cream; massage your face while applying it.”


 3 Watch what you eat “I don’t think what you’re putting on your skin matters as much as what you’re putting into your body.” 


 4 Never forget… “Concealer, bronzer and mascara.”

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