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The D&G line’s last show saw the label out with a bang – and why not, when there’s so much to play around with?

Bright and playful – but with a level of maturity – the line showed no signs of nostalgia. Scarves were wrapped around models’ bodies to form minidresses, or tied around wedges and fastened at the ankle. They were worn as sarongs or layered on top of each other, all painted with swirling colours of pink, green, yellow, gold, red and turquoise. Following a definite trend, animal print and polka dots were paired with patterns that nodded at Hermes and Versace. Unlikely patterns were tied together in floating, silky numbers that made for a unforgettable final show as the D&G line merges with Dolce & Gabbana.

See the full collection here.

Glamour International