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Like Aphrodite, who emerged from ocean, the models at Versace’s show resembled modern-day goddesses. With dresses and shorts studded with gold seahorses, starfish and shells, the theme was undoubtedly ‘under-the-sea’. The sea creatures found their way intricately printed on white leather delicately lined with studs. Translucent green, pale blue and lilac outfits were softened by belted drapes of chiffon. There was a delicate emphasis on the feminine form with cinched waists and figure-hugging skirts.

Perspex platforms paired with perfectly blow-dryed hair bordered on a Barbie look, but were saved by the leather and studs. Eveningwear saw full-length gowns, draped around the models like grecian goddesses, with hip-high slits, glittering with starfish. The show was quintessential Versace in every sense.

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