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Cheryl Cole becomes a shoe designer

Imagine being able to turn your shoe fantasies into a reality with your own shoe line. That’s exactly what ‘Parachute’ singer, Cheryl Cole has done. Collaborating with, Cheryl was involved with every aspect of the design including the colour schemes, fabrics and style.
She said in a video promoting the range: “I have not felt this excited in a long time. I’ve been dreaming about shoes, millions of them but I wanted the initial six to eight pairs to be everything I’ve ever dreamed of.”
The designs will only be revealed on the site in December, and although details are being kept under wraps, the range is thought to include leopard print and polka dot, straddling the line between glamorous and practical. Cheryl explains, “I like glamour, but I’m aware not everyone wants to wear a high heel all the time.”
We can’t wait!

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