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The hard life of Alexa Chung!

The 27-year-old beauty spends much of her time working in the US, but her London house is filled with so many designer clothes, she doesn’t know how or where to store them.

“‘Back in London, I had what I called a terror room,” says Alexa. “It was floor-to-floor with shipped boxes from the USA, still unpacked one year on, with clothes spilling out of them – basically, a mattress of clothes up to here. I’m worried that if it’s neatly arranged, I won’t be able to get dressed.”

But that’s not the only problem we’d love to have! Alexa – who split with Arctic Monkeys singer Alex Turner earlier this year – admits she is also scared to take out the Mulberry bag named after her because she thinks it seems too showy.

She joked: “It just seems a bit much now, like, ‘Hey guys, guess what I’m carrying?’

Despite her clothing issues, she also has trouble with the paparazzi, especially when they catch her on a bad day. She told Teen Vogue: “The annoying thing is that whenever I do spot a pap, I’m like, ‘Ugh! Today wasn’t a good day. Why didn’t you get me yesterday?’ “

And although we’re never going to be papped in a grotty jumper and old jeans, most of us would put up with it for a room filled with designer clothes and a Mulberry bag named after us! Alexa, we don’t feel sorry for you quite yet…

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