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Beauty news for Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger thought Calvin Klein bosses were “kidding” when they asked her to be the face of their ‘Beauty’ fragrance.

The 35-year-old actress – who began her modelling career in Paris at the age of 15 – believed the public would adopt a, “Who does she think she is?” attitude if she fronted the brand.

She explained: “It’s very cool to be the face of a perfume, that’s a very flattering thing. When Calvin Klein asked me to be the face of a perfume called ‘Beauty’ I was like, ‘Who are you kidding?’ when they told me the name.

“I was thinking people are going to say, ‘Who does she think she is from Helen of Troy to ‘Beauty’?’ Then with all the work I’ve done for cosmetics companies too it becomes very global.”

The German-born beauty admitted she is pleased to now have more of a say in which campaigns she fronts, as she likes the idea of making products “accessible to all women over the world”.

Diane added to The Independent newspaper: “From my modelling days, I have relationships with all these people and it’s kind of a cool thing that I still do that as well. It’s better these days as I now have more of say in what I do and so I don’t sign with people that I don’t stand behind.

“I like the idea of accessibility, coming from a lower-middle-class background myself, I feel like beauty and products should be accessible to women all over the world.”

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