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Healthy Weekend Hair

If you’ve never used dry shampoo, let us introduce you to your new best friend. After a week of scorching your hair with your hair dryer, flat iron, and tongs; give your hair a break on a Saturday morning. Instead of going through your regular beauty routine, throw on a shower cap while bathing and refresh your hair by spritzing your roots with dry shampoo. Keep the bottle 30 cm away from your scalp and spray while constantly moving the can to avoid a concentrated blob of product. Pat with a towel and then shake out your hair and voila! Your hair will be full of volume and smell fresh.


Our beauty team recommends Batiste dry shampoo available from Clicks.


Can’t deal not being able to scrub down head to toe? While in the shower, give your hair a real treat. Rather than a quick rinse, try a deep conditioning treatment. Apply it once a week (Sunday mornings are perfect for this!) focusing on the ends. Hair masks are vital for problematic and dry hair, replenishing necessary moisture. Instead of blasting your hair with a dryer, throw your hair in a wrapped top knot and let your hair air dry. Leave you hair up and add a bit of serum to eliminate frizzies. Or, if you decided to let the bun loose, add a bit of mousse and texturizing spray for summery beach waves.


Our beauty team recommends Nioxin’s Leave-In Hair Repair, R281 for 150 ml.

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