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Make your own beaded bracelets!

I have gone bracelet mad. But then, so has the rest of the world. I’ve been mixing up beaded bracelets with plastic ones as well as different types of friendship or string bracelets. I’m loving the effect of varying colours and textures stacked on my wrists.

Beaded bracelets are bang on trend right now. Good thing they’re so easy to make! In the photo are crystal, onyx, glass, cut glass, pearl and shell beaded bracelets.

I use elastic thread from our local bead shop. It makes getting the bracelets on and off a breeze – without clasps or opening and closing gadgets. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


1. Buy gorgeous beads and elasticised thread.

2. Load the beads onto the elastic thread.

3. Tie a secure knot.

4. Trim excess elastic thread – and that’s it! 

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