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Q My monthly trips to the salon are getting so expensive! How can I save?

“Start off by telling your stylist what your budget is so that you can work out a year-plan for your hair needs,” says Shelene Shaer owner of Tanaz Hair, Body & Nails (011 786 2976). “If you have highlights, your stylist can work through darker streaks so that the regrowth is not as obvious. Also, if you’re really at a budget stretch, highlight the roots along your parting only until you can afford a full or a half head highlights.” Hair stylist and salon owner Gary Rom agrees: “Discuss the big picture with your stylist who’ll be able to tell you which services to prioritise.” When it comes to products? “Good products are essential,” emphasises Gary. “It improves your hair’s condition, so hair holds colour better, is easier to manage and shines more.” Shelene suggests that you see your stylist regularly. “Instead of popping in twice a year, come in every second month so that you can stagger your treatments. Then, buy your shampoo and conditioner at different times. That way, you split the costs over two months and you won’t run out at the same time either.” 


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