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Make your own bib necklace

To create your own fashionable bib necklace, you will need the following:


1 medium-sized bowl – a pasta bowl will work well

A selection of vintage-style brooches

A piece of firm, non-fray, fabric such as thick felt or pleather

1 metre of ribbon in a colour that matches your fabric

Scissors and a punch


1. Decide which side of the fabric will be the front of your bib necklace.

(Tip: If you are happy with a distressed edge you could use heavy denim fabric)


2. Turn your fabric over and trace the outside of your bowl on the reverse side of the fabric.

Draw another semi – circle above the first one to create a crescent shape. (Look at the image to see how the crescent shape should look)


3. Cut out your crescent shape. Punch a hole at each end of the crescent.

Fold your ribbon in half and cut it into two pieces.

Thread each piece of ribbon through the punched holes.


4. Decide where to place your brooches and pin them to the bib part of the necklace. Tie your bib necklace at the nape of your neck.


Et voila. Your very own statement necklace!

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