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Liv Tyler’s bedtime beauty

Liv Tyler spends 30 minutes getting ready for bed.


The stunning actress always makes sure she has time to relax and look after her skin at the end of the day as she knows how important it is.


She said: “I always use Kneipp and bath salts. They do incredible eucalyptus and lavender ones, which are amazing to use just before I go to bed. I always spend at least 30 minutes every night before bed in the bathroom, washing, cleansing and applying masks.”


The mother-of-one says her grandmother taught her the importance of looking after herself and she really values her advice.


She told Britain’s InStyle magazine: “My grandmother taught me at a such young age to look after myself and it’s been ingrained in me ever since. It boosts my confidence and I certainly notice a difference in my skin, hair and everything when I give it a little bit of extra attention. If you neglect yourself, everything just gets a little bit dull and tired.”


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