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Win with GLAMOUR and L’Oréal

Eva Longoria is instantly recognisable as her Desperate Housewives character, Gabrielle Solís, who turned out to be strong, clever and humble in addition to being gorgeous. So, who better than Eva to act as spokesperson for a brand which emphasises finding your inner worth while also enhancing your external beauty? On the 40th Anniversary of the famous “Because I’m Worth It” slogan, the Golden Globe-nominated actress talks beauty, L’Oréal, the power of women and what self-worth means.


GLAMOUR: What does the claim “Because I’m worth it” mean to you?

Eva: I remember this slogan growing up because my mother used to buy the red lipstick at the pharmacy. And I would sneak into her purse and put it on. I will never forget the perfumed smell of the lipstick as I placed it on lips and on my cheeks. One day my mother caught me, and I thought I would be in trouble but she told me “go ahead, you’re worth it”. I remember we giggled because my mother was imitating the commercials and from that point on, I knew that the lipstick she bought was the one luxury she allowed herself because she worked hard for it, and she was worth it. The slogan has empowered me in ways that I never knew it would in my life and I am sure it empowers other women all over the world.


GLAMOUR: What is it to be a L’Oréal Spokesperson? 

Eva: It’s an honour to be a global Ambassador for L’Oréal, to be one of the many colours within the diverse landscape of the world. L’Oréal has a history of reflecting what the world looks like through the spokespeople they choose. I’ve travelled all over the world, and the one thing I am most recognised for is my L’Oréal ads. Women from all over tell me how they felt that the product I was holding could help them improve their look because they identified with me and my look. Whether it was the dark hair or the dark eyes, women aspired to be better because the ads motivated them to feel worth it!


GLAMOUR: In your opinion, how has beauty changed women’s life?


Eva: Beauty affects every aspect of women’s lives. Women find the beauty in everything they do. I find beauty in being my mother’s daughter, being my niece’s aunt, being a sister and being a philanthropist to the world. Beauty is defined form the inside out and L’Oréal helps women everyday with the easiest part of beautifying your image, but women have always rooted their beauty from within.


GLAMOUR: What gives you confidence?


Eva: My education gives me my confidence – knowing I can have a conversation with a president of a nation or a hotel doorman. Not only my formal education in college, but my life education that I encounter daily with the work I do for charity. Thinking outside of yourself is a great source of confidence.


What kind of message/ advice would you role to pass on to younger women’s generation?


I would love for women to know the power they have at the tip of their hands. Women can decide the next president, women dictate buying patterns, women decide the educational futures of our youth. Women, when pulled together, can accomplish anything. And I would love for the next generation of women to know that they have the power and to use it to help themselves and others to succeed.

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