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Zara soon to launch in Durban

A unique flare for style that seems to target just about every sphere of the fashion industry – yes, Zara is about to hit the shores of Durban. Zara is unique, in that it manages to capture the essence of its customers desires, and lets this transcend into very trendy attire.


The store will be the first of its kind in South Africa, located in the popular Gateway Shopping Centre and will be home to 1,700 square metres of up-to-the-minute fashions! Zara is one of the world’s leading fashion brands, creating custom pieces for the modern woman, in its own distintive way.


The Durban store has been designed with elegance, simplicity and charm in mind – with trendy Zara clothes taking centre stage. Zara has created a range that’s pertinent to Southern Hemisphere shoppers – which makes the launch of the store all the more exciting!


South Africans will now be able to get their hands on exclusive designer garb that is on par with the rest of the world. The magic behind Zara’s brand is that they’re responsible for every stage of making us girls appear effortlessly fashionable, on just about any budget! That means no longer having to fork out an and a leg (or two) on stylish international fashions.


We can predict major fashion forward waves in Durban – jealous much Cape Town?

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