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Louise Carver – new look, new sound

Louise Carver, SA’s popular contemporary pop artist, will be performing at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate in Paarl as part of the estate’s ‘Theatre on the Lake’ concert series. Rhebokskloof’s sprawling lawns, overlooking its picturesque dam, make for the perfect setting for the estate’s ‘Theatre on the Lake’ concerts!

We caught up with Louise and chatted about her new look, new sound and the direction in which she’s decided to take her music career.


What has influenced the style of your new album?

I think my previous single, ‘Warrior’ gave me the courage to experiment again with a more electronic sound. I was getting extremely bored with the same rock sounding grooves. I am also a great believer in letting the Universe guide you to the right shore. I met my two producers after trying out a few guys. Their sound and energy fitted what i felt was the right playground to create music in.


What has changed since the release of your previous record?

Everything has changed except the honesty of my lyrics and that fact that every song starts out piano and voice, created from my lounge. I left my label, Sony after being with them for 6 years and I started my own label, Evergreen Music. I am now the captain of my own ship, which initially was overwhelming but now the shoe fits perfectly [or should i say…stilleto!]


You’ve moved away from traditional rock – why?

I needed to play in another genre for a while. I have been in most genres since the age of 15 so it’s just where my heart guides me. I had my first international no. 1 in the dance genre [‘Play the Game’] so electronic music is like an old friend.


Is your new hair colour a depiction of that move?

It takes confidence and a willingness to experiment when a woman changes her hair [whether it be colour or cut] and I feel quite ready for the next chapter. My hairstylist, Rory from Blo, is a genius and always nudges me gently in the right direction. I played him one of the new tracks a while ago and he instantly said, ‘Lou, we have to go lighter’…and you know, your hairstylist is the boss!


Which of the tracks off your current album best relate to your own life and experiences?

All the songs I have ever written are based in what i have experienced. They are just moments in time but the one that still resonates with me [and i play it when i start to feel any self doubt] is ‘Warrior’, as it reminds me of everything I have overcome in this crazy entertainment business.


With a ‘new’ Louise, can fans still expect their favourites at your concerts?

Absolutely, I joke that I will be playing ‘Home’ and ‘Empty Fantasy’ when I’m in my nineties. At the end of the day, I am here as a musician to make people feel and to make them happy. If they loved a song of mine, I would hate not for them to hear it.


Where will you be playing this year?

I’ll be all over this beautiful country for a national concert tour. Its best to check out my new website, for all show details. My aim is to take my fans to beautiful places and not just any club. The whole experience should be wonderful from beginning to end.


What does the future hold for Louise Carver?

A good mix of things to give me a bit more balance would be nice. I have always had this need to travel so hopefully my music will take me to some more interesting places. You know, I just love creating beautiful things and then being able to share them with people is a high no drug can emulate.

So apart from releasing a new single, music video, remixes, album and national tour, I would like to visit at least one new country this year, run a half marathon, not eat carbs at night and listen more than I talk (now that’s a big challenge!)

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