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How to apply mascara

Never underestimate the power of mascara – applied correctly, it can open-up your eyes and brighten up your whole face!


Choosing the right mascara for you:


The first thing you need to decide is which mascara you want to use. Do you want to thicken, volumise, lengthen or condition your lashes? Or a combination? You will also need to decide if you want to opt for a waterproof or normal formula, a plastic or traditional bristle. Yes we know it sounds scary, but as you may have noticed, there is huge range of mascaras on the market!  Just put aside some time to browse the make-up aisle to find the right product that works for you.


How to apply it:


To get the best finish out of your mascara, you need to apply it so that it covers your entire lash from root to tip. If your mascara is brand new, it may have too much product on the wand, so dab the wand onto a tissue to remove the excess before you begin. (If your mascara is a bit old, and not depositing enough product, then rather twist the wand in the tube, as pumping it will only allow more air into the tube, drying it out quicker.)


Figure out what works best for you:

I do my bottom lashes first, as I tend to decorate my lids with black dots if I do my top lashes first!
I apply mascara to my bottom lashes by holding the brush vertically rather than horizontally, as I find this gives me better control, and better coverage for the shorter lashes. Running the wand from side to side covers and coats every lash really well.

For the top lashes, I switch back to holding the wand horizontally, and wiggle the wand back and forth at the base of the lashes to coat the roots before rolling the brush through the lengths of the lashes. Brush the wand through from root to tip again in long strokes. Applying it this way will create thicker looking lashes with the ends separated and the base well defined.

If you want or need to apply more than one coat, comb the lashes through with an eye brow brush to prevent clumping!


With everything practice makes perfect, so spend a bit of time figuring out what works best for you and before you know it you’ll be red carpet ready with lashes that will put Nicki Minaj to shame!


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