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Leather: Lagerfeld Style

Leather. PVC. Latex. You heard right – fashion goes fetish this winter. Introduce it into your wardrobe with small accents and accessories, like Karen Louise Fletcher did!


“My mother was doing some volunteer time at a charity shop and bought a pair of leather gloves for me,” says the Greenie Dresses for Less blogger. “In a Karl Lagerfeld moment I removed the trim at the wrist and added a piece of chain. The gloves are butter soft and since I zip about the city on a scooter, they are ideal on chilly days or evenings.”


A fashionista with a conscience, Karen explains her motivation to source from thrift stores and upcycle existing pieces:


“People ask me how I can wear dead people’s clothes – but these same people wear clothes made in sweat shops and torture factories. Or justify spending three months income on a pair of boots when a family could eat for a year on the equivalent money. Like my decision to be vegetarian I also believe that re-using and re-cycling help to reduce the burden we are placing on this earth by being compulsive consumers. I check the quality and condition of what I buy thoroughly. Stains or signs of moths and mildew are easy to spot. I clean the items by hand and they usually serve me well. It’s my way of fulfilling my fashion fix but with a more of a conscience.”


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