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Top tips from a hair guru

Central heating, wind, rain and cold wreak havoc with our hair and so inevitably we start hiding it under hats and scarves at this time of year. But winter is actually the ideal time of year to think of a new style. Why? So you’ll be at ease with it by the time September party season comes around! We chatted to Hilton (like Beyoncé and Madonna, he only goes by one name) from Steenburg salon in Cape Town to get clever tips and tricks on how to deal with unruly hair and pick out your next hairstyle.


Time management

“Your hair must work for you – not you for your hair,” says Hilton. “If you’re spending more than 20 minutes a day on your ‘do then you’re doing something wrong! Before you go for the chop, decide if your new cut suits your hair type and your lifestyle – there’s no point in a beach girl getting a intricate look that needs endless styling time. You also need to be able to re-create the cut at home, so don’t let your stylist go too wild!”


It’s dye time

“Don’t be afraid of hair dye,” says Hilton. “Many women think that only bleach blondes or crazy hipsters should dye their hair, but they’re so wrong. A brunette who is happy being dark would still benefit from a few highlights to lift up the colour around her face while other women look ultra chic with a darker rinse.”


Treat it with TLC

“Unlike your skin, your hair is no longer alive, so once you’ve damaged it there’s very little you can do to repair it except wait for those strands to grow out,” says Hilton. “This means you must do as much as you can to prevent dry, brittle locks, rather than attempting to repair damage that’s already been done. Always use a heat protectant spray before you style you hair and take the time to apply a mask at least twice a week.”


Nourish from the inside

“Your diet is not just about looking good in a bikini,” says Hilton. “When I take a strand of hair, I can see which periods my client has been eating healthily and living well and which periods she has been relying on junk food a little too much! Fish like salmon are filled with healthy omega oils, while eating your five fruit and veggies a day will leave your crowning glory looking lovely.”


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