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Famous Fragrance Frenzy: Justin Bieber

Do you know absolutely everything about celebs – and do you just love to win prizes? Then you’ll want to click back to the GLAMOUR Famous Fragrance Frenzy over and over again, because we’re giving away fantastic celebrity fragrances daily from Monday to Friday for five weeks!


We’ll be asking you to tell us the answers to easy celeb questions on or our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages – and we might just reward you with our daily prizes!


Remember, every Monday means two new fragrances. This week, we’re giving away Paris Hilton Heiress and Justin Bieber’s Someday.



Justin’s inspired approach to his first scent showcases his desire to connect with his fans, and to incorporate his life experiences into his work. He’s the first male artist to develop a fragrance for his female fans first – so if you’re a Belieber, this is your lucky day – and what makes Someday better yet is that profits from the sale of the fragrance go to charity!


Someday is playful, fresh yet flirty and anything but ordinary: a fragrance that Justin personally finds irresistible. It evokes a sense of sexy, modern sophistication. It takes off with a splash of fruity mandarin, pear and wild berries, continues with fresh notes of jasmine and creamy florals and ends with warm hints of vanilla and soft musk. Playful, thought-provoking, fresh yet flirty, and anything but ordinary, the bottle is affixed with a removable crystal heart lock and key from Justin…


Monday’s winner Rachel Ward

Tuesday’s winner @Francesca_Varre

Wednesday’s winner Candy (surname not supplied on Pinterest)

Thursday’s winner Abigail Buchanan

Friday’s winner Marie du Plooy

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