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Famous Fragrance Frenzy: Paris Hilton Heiress


Do you know absolutely everything about celebs – and do you just love to win prizes? Then you’ll want to click back to the GLAMOUR Famous Fragrance Frenzy over and over again, because we’re giving away fantastic celebrity fragrances daily from Monday to Friday for five weeks!


We’ll be asking you to tell us the answers to easy celeb questions on or our Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages – and we might just reward you with our daily prizes!


Remember, every Monday means two new fragrances. This week, we’re giving away Paris Hilton Heiress and Justin Bieber Someday.

Nothing defines Paris Hilton quite so well as to say that she is the world’s most famous young heiress. This season, she wants to share a bit of that “Heiress” mystique with her fans, with the introduction of her newest scent, with that very name. “Heiress” has nuances of youthful style and elegant sophistication wrapped together in a way that makes the fragrance vibrant and vivacious and, at the same time, captivating and intoxicating. It begins on an innocent note and evolves into so much more. The eau de parfum is packaged in a statuesque glass column through which a hint of pink sparkles. Turn the bottle around and you will find a full-length mirror on the back, which begs the question, ‘Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who’s the Heiress Of them All?’ Why, it’s Paris Hilton, of course! And, as with the previous scents she’s designed, the HEIRESS box will be wrapped with a beautiful photograph of Paris.


Monday’s winner Faieza Mpoyi

Tuesday’s winner Jennilee Meyer Sale

Wednesday’s winner Dawn Wallenkamp

Thursday’s winner Kirsten Eddey 

Friday’s winner Faeema @thefayfactory

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