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Suzaan Heyns in an SA fashion retrospective!

GLAMOUR Woman of the Year Suzaan Heyns was recently selected to participate in a spectacular celebration of 100 years of the urban history and culture in South Africa. Suzaan joined a group of 9 hand-picked designers in creating a narrative presenting the history of South Africa through gorgeous garments… Inspired by floor of the Voortrekker Monument and valued at R25 000, the garment is made from metallic panels of leather, and the cape is made from a bio-crepe. It’s a proudly South African lust-have of note!

Read through our interview about the striking design, then click through to see Suzaan’s style diary.


What kind of aesthetic do your unique designs bring to your stage?

It changes – but there is always a Suzaan Heyns signature.


Do you have a favourite SA era from which you draw design ideas?

1912 to 1945 is the theme that inspired me to create this particular collection.


Designing from architectural influences sounds challenging! Have you ever attempted a similar thing in past collections?

Architecture is always a strong design reference of mine however this time I took the inspiration of architecture literally by looking at the structure of building and directly mimicking them in the silhouettes of my collection.


What colours and textures can we look forward to in the upcoming collection?

For Spring/Summer the colours will be light and airy and translucent with structural leather detailing. For Winter it will be a complete turn-around of dark, bold and strong colours.


What’s one item you can’t live without this season?

A chiffon blazer with a leather lapel collar.

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