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How to keep your hair colour fresh!

How to keep your hair colour fresh!Colouring you hair can cost a fortune, right? But by using some clever beauty tricks you can ensure the colour in your hair lasts for much longer! Here are our 5 best tips for keeping your colour fresh:

1. Colour only when you need to. This might sound obvious, but if you colour too often, the chemicals in the hair dye will damage the cuticle of your hair. ‘So what’, you say? Well, damaged hair doesn’t hold onto colour as well as healthy hair. This means your colour won’t last as long.

2. To keep your hair healthy and to help your colour last longer, cut down o the amount of heat styling you expose your tresses to.

3. Stay out of the sun. You know how faded fabric can get if you leave it in the sun? The same goes for your hair. Use a UV protection spray (ask your hair dresser for recommendation for your hair type and colour), or wear a hat when out in direct sunlight.

4. Love dry shampoo! Try and wash you hair less by using this beauty-must. Washing can literally ‘wash’ the colour out of your hair. Wash every second day, and use dry shampoo on the in-between days. We’re currently obsessing over the new Batiste packaging at Clicks (R69.99 for 200ml).

5. When you do wash, use a sulphate-free shampoo.  This will be kinder to your locks. Pureology is a great range as it caters for different hair types. You’ll find it in selected salons nationwide – click here to find your nearest salon. You can also use a colour safe shampoo – nearly all ranges have a colour range these days, so just have a browse for one in your price range.

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