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Keep your holiday hair!

So the holidays may already feel like a distant memory, but you can still keep the feeling alive by opting for a head of messy beach waves. Even if you’ve been stuck at your desk all week, at least you’ll look (and feel) like you’ve just stepped off the beach!


1. Wash you hair as normal and towel dry.

2.  Brush through to get rid of any knots, as they will make you waves look really messy (and we don’t mean messy-chic).


3. If you have poker straight hair, apply a sculpting gel like Lee Stafford Messup Light Spray Wax( R94.99 from Clicks), or if you have a slight wave, apply some curl-defining mousse or lotion like Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Styling Lotion (R99.95).

4. Next, divide your hair into sections.
This can be anything from 4 to 14, depending on how much hair you have, and how tight you want the waves. The smaller the section, the tighter the waves will be.


5. Twist each section into a small bun. Then secure with bobby pins.

6. Allow your hair to dry
(or almost dry if you’re short on time).

7. Once you hair is dry, undo the pins then comb the waves with your fingers. Don’t fiddle too much, or it may become frizzy.


8. Set the waves with a spritz or hair spray. Our current fave is Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Moisturised Moisture Barrier Hairspray, R99.99 from Dis-Chem, as it will protect your waves from humidity and therefore frizz.


*If you don’t have time to do this in the morning, you can pin the buns before you go to bed and allow to dry overnight, which means you’ll wake-up to gorgeous curls.

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Emmy is the daughter of a sailor, animal loving, coffee addicted, beauty product junkie editor of

Glamour International