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Spring clean your makeup bag!

Happy 2013 GLAM girls! Can you believe it’s already here? To me (and many of us) new year means new beginnings and a fresh outlook – my Nan’s favourite saying was, “Start as you mean to continue.” So I thought this would be a great time to encourage you all to spring (summer) clean your makeup drawers. I know, I didn’t want to either, but you’ll feel much better once you have.

1. Start by collecting ALL of your make-up. Clean-out handbags, your car and your desk. Having everything in one place, as this will make it easier for your assess it.

2. Throw away anything you haven’t used since last summer – if you haven’t used it for months, you probably never will. Next, get rid of anything that’s broken – compacts, eye shadows and lipsticks – they just make a mess.


3. Have a serious look at what you need and what you want. Do you mostly wear natural shades? If so, separate them from the more ‘fashionable’ items. Decide which products you use the most, and put them aside. Now look at what’s left. Is any of it old? That mascara you got free with a magazine 2 years ago needs to go, as does the blue glitter eye shadow you haven’t worn since that ’80a parrty. Then, give what’s left a quick clean with a wet wipe before packing it all away.

4. Storage is just as important for make-up as it is for clothes. You will really only wear what you can see. Look for clear storage containers, or ones that you can label easily. Kitchen, tool and jewellery storage boxes all work well for make-up too. I have found amazing make-up storage in Dis-Chem (Perspex jewellery drawers for lipsticks and eye shadows), Builders Warehouse (plastic drawers for mascaras and lipgloss), Mr Price Home (glasses and cups for brushes and pencils) and pretty boxes from Cardies (for compacts and foundation).

5. Lastly, wash all your brushes
. Soak them in a mild shampoo with warm water, and then rub gently against your palm. Do this until no more product comes out. Rinse thoroughly, and allow to dry on a towel.


Now doesn’t that feel and look a whole lot better?


Emmy is the daughter of a sailor, animal loving, coffee addicted, beauty product junkie editor of

Glamour International