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Get the look: messy ponytail

Because I have really crazy hair, I tend to avoid doing a messy ponytail, simply because I can never be bothered to blow dry and flatiron my hair for it curl again in two hours. However, for those of you who don’t have crazy hair, here’s how to create a simple yet seriously chic ‘roughed-up’ ponytail.


1. As awful as it might sound, you need slightly dirty hair for this ‘do. As the oils to give you hair a bit of volume, if your hair is clean and silky it’s hard to create this specific look (especially if you have poker straight locks).

2. If you can’t bear the thought of dirty hair, blast your whole head with dry shampoo, as this will add volume. If you have really straight hair, use this anyway as you can never have too much volume for this look. Batiste is our favourite brand. Try the XXL Volume (R69.99) from Clicks.

3. Add in some haphazard curls with a curling tong
. Grab different sized sections, and wrap downwards around the curl. (Tip: hold the iron vertically downwards, and wrap for the root down.)

4. Now tip you head upside down, and shake! Then scrunch the curls to roughen them up.


5. Gather your hair together where you want your ponytail to sit (side ponies are big at the mo’) and secure with a snag-free elastic.


6. Finish the look by taking a small piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic. Secure this with a bobby pin.


7. The final step is to set all your hard work with strong hold hairspray. We rate ghd Final Fix Hairspray (R80).



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