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How to make a salon blowdry last

Isn’t annoying when your fork out your hard earned cash for a professional blowdry, only to wake up the next morning to a bird’s nest? We’ve heard rumours of women making their blowdry last for a week, and although we’re not so sure we believe that, we’ve got some tips to help you make it last a good three or four days:

1. Look, but don’t touch.
Resist the urge to fiddle with your super swishy locks, as playing with your hair can cause an excess production of oil.


2. Use a protective cap at night. Wearing a cap to bed may not be GLAMOURous, but it will help ensure model hair in the moring. Stay-On Satin is a new brand that makes protective satin caps (available from Clicks). They were originally designed to keeps braids fresh, but they will work a treat on a blow-dry too. There are 5 different types to choose from, but the one we think will work the best is called the Cleaner Longer Cap (R59.99). If you’re not keen on buying one, then you can just use a shower cap.


3. When showering or bathing use a shower cap. Wear a shower cap when you shower or bath. Even if you don’t wet your hair, the steam and heat will play havoc with your hair’s cuticles, and cause it to frizz.


4. Dry shampoo is your BFF. Whenever you feel like your roots are getting dirty, absorbing excess oil, or need some volume, be sure to use dry shampoo!


5. Wash your fringe. If you have a fringe, you probably won’t get away with not washing it. Fringes sit against your skin all day, so tend to get dirty and greasy very quickly. Simply wash your fringe by wetting the area with your hands, applying a tiny amount of your regular shampoo, and rinsing with your hands, then style as usual.

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