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Get the look: oval nails!

Seen on the likes of Rihanna and Lana Del Rey, the oval nail is making a serious comeback this season! As most of us were still in school clothes the last time this trend came around, we’ve got the low down on how to achieve it. (Note: your nails need to be fairly long in order to acheive this look.)


First you need to file the sides of your nails straight. File from the edge of the finger, up toward the free edge of the nail. Make sure that the sides are even lengths.


Once you have straight sides, start filing the edges in smooth arching motions. Working from the outside of the nail in, do a little at a time on each side. Try not to get too file happy, as you could end up an uneven shape.


Finally finish the free edge by rounding it slightly. The best shape for your nails is to mimic the shape of your cuticle line. So the top of your nail should look the same as the bottom.


Give your look an edge by painting your nails in a hot red hue!


But if this seems too tricky, you could get your hands on a Stylfile S-File by Tom Pellerau (R69.95) from Clicks. This clever file is ‘S’ shaped, so creates the perfect oval shape automatically.

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