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So you want to be a model?

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You’re sure you’ve got what it takes to strut your stuff for a living. You feel ready to take a leap into a modelling career – but now what?

The first step: getting signed

GLAMOUR receives lots of requests from readers who’d like to be featured in our fashion shoots, but the models that you see on the our pages are all chosen from modelling agencies. With the help of the model bookers who work at these agencies, things are kept simple, efficient and professional for the models and the magazine’s team.

So, what does it take to get signed?

“The first thing we look for is height,” says Cindy Cameron-Cherry, an agent at Boss Models. That means 175cm and up, and yes, that’s non-negotiable, for catwalk modelling and for photographic work. “We look for a model who has an international appeal, meaning they need to be able to model on an international scale,”  We want to be able to build a career for a model so we definitely look at whether or not they would be able to travel to bigger markets – cities like Paris, Berlin and New York.”

Before sending photographs of yourself to an agency, make sure that you visit their website to find out what specific requirements they have – and to get a good idea of the kind of pictures they’re looking for.

If an agency like what they see from the pictures you send through, they’ll get in touch to set up an appointment with you.

I’m part of an agency! Now what?

Once you’ve been signed to an agency, you’ll go to casting with various clients – magazine teams looking for models to feature in their fashion and beauty stories, brands selecting the right people to show off their products or designers looking for the girls to walk their creations down the runway.

“Models should smile, be friendly and relax when coming to show us their portfolio,” say GLAMOUR’s fashion director, Bronwyn Day.

“Personality is key in our industry,” adds Cindy. “A lasting modelling career is absolutely dependant on how a model interacts with their clients. You only get booked again by a client if they loved working with you.”

On the job

“Arriving late is out of the question,” says Bronwyn of on-set etiquette. Get plenty of rest the night before (no hangovers, please!), eat a healthy breakfast that’ll keep you strong for the day’s work and be prepared for any weather: that means bringing along a jacket to keep warm if a sunny day turns cold.

More on how to make it…

Be punctual, both for castings and jobs.

Make sure that you’re easy to contact – amazing opportunities won’t wait for you if your phone’s switched off.

Be reliable – that way, you’ll be the first one your agent will call when an exciting casting or job comes up at the last minute.

Stay healthy: Eat healthily, stay out of the sun, get regular exercise and always get lots of sleep for bright eyes and glowing skin.

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