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GLAM Chat: Hannelie Coetzee

Whether or not you’ve yet caught a glimpse of Hannelie Coetzee’s unique, beautiful artwork, you’ll soon want to see more… You can do just that in Joburg’s AREA3 until 2 July, as Hannelie joins a host of talented young creatives to show off her work at the Adidas Originals-sponsored exhibition Happy Hour – where each piece costs less than R750!


Before making your ultra-affordable excursion to support SA art, read our Q&A with Hannelie to hear her thoughts on originality, affordable art and a her best buy ever…


GLAMOUR: How would you describe your work in five words?

Hannelie: A conversation with the city.


A lot of your art is ‘free’ in that it’s on display in public spaces where everyone can enjoy it. Does it feel different to create art specifically for purchase by an individual?

No, it does not feel different. I don’t make work for the audience in galleries. When I exhibit in galleries I use ways to keep the authenticity of the urban artworks. I like to bring the grit into the gallery somehow.


What does affordable art mean to you?

That’s a foreign concept. You’re talking to an artist upcycling waste and grit. A good espresso for R12 in Joburg is affordable.


What does being an original mean to you?

Following your gut even if everyone is frowning upon it.


What’s something beautiful that you’d love to own if money was no object?

Reunion Island. As is. No, that’s crazy. I don’t want an Island. Money to travel.


What’s your advice to someone who loves making art, but has no idea how to make a living out of that passion?

Exchange stuff of equal value. It works, people love to own art, but don’t want to pay for it.


What’s been your best bargain buy ever?

Why all these money questions? They’re hard! Mmmmm. A leather coat in Florence. The sales guy started with a moerse high price, and then when we told him that we were South African, not American, he dropped the price by 75%! That was fantastic!


What’s your best tip for buying art on budget?

Make sure you really like it. And buy lots of it. Artists really need the support from collectors. It’s gonna be on your wall for a long time. It’s needs to speak to you about something very specific. Like a tattoo. Watch the movie Herb and Dorothy. That will get you started in a flash.

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