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What’s your favourite memory of your dad?

With Father’s Day fast approaching (on Sunday) we asked the GLAMOUR team: “what’s your favourite memory of your dad?”


Read below what the team had to say, then tell us your favourite memory of your dad in the comments section (below) or or on Twitter (@GLAMOUR_sa) with the hashtag #FathersDay!


“Of many memories, I remember my father’s eyes most. He seemed to look into your heart and to love both your vulnerability and your shining spirit.” – Pnina Fenster, editor


“Watching him playing, cuddling and laughing with my baby sisters.” – Michelle Brownlee Smith, deputy editor


“Him winning the 100m sprints against all the dads at my primary school, every single year on Atheletics Day. What a legend!” – Jual Geel, art director


“Watching rugby while Mom napped on the couch. (Now if I want to nap on the couch, I need to have rugby playing in the background!)” – Bronwyn Day, fashion director


“My brothers and I loved playing April Fools’ pranks on our father, who – much to our delight – always reacted with hilarious levels of drama.” – Melissa Twigg, beauty editor


“Chatting on our road trips, eating biltong and listening to pop band A-ha.” – Lisa Woldendorp, special projects and events manager


“The incredivle puppet shows he’d put on for me just before bedtime!” – Sarah Browning, senior copy editor


“Laughing together after we did Tsitsikamma’s Bloukrans bungee jump.” – Karen Tennent, junior copy editor


“When he used to wake me up for school in a mock Mr Miyage accent during my Karate Kid obsession. Hilarious!” – Fatiema Johnson, senior designer


“Playing in a park when I was little, I got sand in my shoes and my dad rushed over and took off his shirt to dust my feet. Daddy’s little princess!” – Marishka Denicker, junior fashion editor


“The way he’d sing along to old country songs. He was always out of tune and it was very annoying (especially first thing in the morning!)” – Gina Beretta, junior beauty editor


“Riding the Argus cycle tour together, from when I was 11 until I was 16.” – Roxanne Robinson, fashion assistant (JHB)


“Helping my dad when I was small with his woodwork hobbies.” – Jillian Fisher, designer


“On Saturdays my dad would take me to buy a new Barbie for my collection.” – Shereen Goosen, syndication executive


“Every memory is my favourite!” – Emma Coyne, promotions executive


“Riding my plastic motorbike around the garage while Dad fixed his car.” – Megan Ross, junior features writer

What’s your favourite memory of your dad?

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