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HOW TO: Find the best nude nail varnish for your skin tone

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 5.21.47 PMFlattering and eternally chic, nude nails will never go out of fashion! But, have you ever found that some shades just look grubby on you? Your skin tone is the culprit. (Not sure what skin tone you have? Click through to find out!) Just like finding the perfect red lippie, you need to take your undertones into consideration when choosing a nude polish. Here’s how to find the right shade for your skintone:

FAIR SKIN TONES: If you have pale or medium skin tone with blue undertones, you need to look for creamy pink nudes. The pink will help counteract any blue or red you have in your skin, creating a natural looking shade without looking dull.

MEDIUM SKIN TONES: This is the easiest skin tone to work with as it’s suited to most shades. Both pinks pinks and beiges will work well (unless you have blue or grey undertone, then you need to opt for the same shades as fair skinned girls).

DARK SKIN TONES: While ‘nude’ is a different colour for everybody the general rule is: the darker your skin tone, the darker shade of polish you will need to use. Dark skinned girls will look fabulous in caramel, toffee and taupe shades (stay away from pinks and beiges). These will make your nails look more dirty than GLAM.

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