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Fringe fabulous

In case you haven’t noticed, fringes are everywhere at the moment! Depending on your hair type, styling it up can be quite tricky; which is why we asked hair guru David Gillson from Carlton Hair for a few fuss free tips on achieving beautiful bangs – Alexa Chung style!

“First rough dry your fringe”, says David. “If you don’t, it’ll go ’80s crazy on you!” (Think Meg Ryan’s ma-hoosive one in When Harry Met Sally – cute, but not quite GLAMOURous.)


Once it’s 95% dry, you can then take a brush to it. “A large barreled one is best for making your fringe hang close to your forehead. A small brush will create too much of a curl,” explains David.

If you like neat hair, then it’s best to leave it here. But if you’re up for a slightly messier ‘do, “Messed-up, relaxed hair is very in right now” says David – take it one step further. “Once your fringe is dry, mess it up a bit with your fingers before applying some shine spray.”


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