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How to be a first class faker!

Ready or not, summer is pretty much upon us! And while we can’t wait to hit the beach or hang by the pool, there is absolutely no way we’re peeling off the layers until we’ve applied a bronze sheen to our winter legs.


The art of applying self-tan may be slightly more complicated than we’d like (it really is an art!), but we’ve put together 8 easy steps with top tips to becoming a first class faker:

1. A few days before you plan on applying your fake tan, brush your sking with a dry body brush before your shower. This will remove any dead skin cells and create a smooth surface on which to apply your tan.

2. After your shower, apply moisturiser over your whole body. Add an extra layer to dry bits like elbows, knees and feet.


3. Make sure you do any hair removal at least 24 hours before you apply your tan. If you remove hair too close to application, you’ll get those nasty dark spots all over your legs.


4. On the day you apply your tan, make sure your body is oil-free. As oil makes your tan streak be sure to avoid any oil-based creams!


5. Apply the self-tan from the bottom, up. Start at your feet and work upwards. Leave joints and dry areas until last (only apply a very small amount to these). We recommend using a tanning mitt or latex gloves when applying to avoid orange hands.


6. Remove the gloves or mitt and rub the tops of your hands down the length of your thighs – this way you will have tanned hands, but no orange palms!


7. Always wait 15 minutes before dressing to allow the tan to dry. Wear dark, loose clothing for the rest of the specified time you have to wait before showering. (It’s very important that you stick to these guidelines if you want an even tan.)


8. Once your tan is developed, keep it looking fresh by bathing or showering in cooler water (as warm water will make the tan lift) and moisturise your body daily – just make sure you opt for a non oily moisturiser or a cream designed to prolong your tan like Caribbean Tan Tan X-Tender Intense Body Butter (R49.95).


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