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How to apply liquid and gel liner like a pro!


Who doesn’t love a cat flick? And while, yes, creating the perfect stroke may seem slightly daunting, executing it is far simpler than it seems. That’s if you follow our five easy steps!

1. Applying concealer to the eye area before you start will not only even-out the area, but give the liner something to adhere to.

2. Next, apply the eye shadow of you choice. It’s far easier to apply liner over the the shadow than trying to work around it with an eye shadow brush. We love a black flick with natural shadow for graphic impact.

3. To apply, pull the eye outwards slightly (not too much, or you’ll get a squiggly line) and draw a thin line right along the top lash line. Only go as far as the edge of the lash line, as you’re going to add the flick in afterwards. It’s best to apply gel liner with a small, angled brush like the MAC 266 Small Angle Brush R230. Liquid liners usually come with their own applicators, but you can use a brush if you prefer, as it will give better control.

4. Once you’re happy with your thin line, go over it to create a thicker line. Repeat this until you’re happy with the thickness.

5. To create the most flattering flick shape, draw an imaginary line from the edge of your lash line up towards the edge of your brows. Anywhere along this line will give the best shape for your face. Draw a dot where you want to the flick to end, and do the same on the other eye – this will help to get the flicks as even as possible. Then, all you need to do is join the end of your line with the dots.

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