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Editor’s Letter


Dear fellow lovers of words, stories and literature

What a thrill it is to cut the metaphorical red ribbon and declare the GLAMOUR Book Club open for one and all!

The idea for this new way of sharing the love was seeded one night when a group of us passionate readers were hanging around in the office way past leaving time and talking – as we frequently do – about books, books and books.

We are not alone in this devotion, praise Baalat, Saraswati, Seshat, Hermes, Ganesha and Thoth (all gods and goddesses of books, writers and libraries). So, we thought, why not widen the circle of conversation?

Please join our Club. Tell us what you’re reading, what you read last, what you loved and what you wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. In addition to a fabulous forum for discussion, you’ll find author and publisher interviews, newsy updates, prizes and more.

I believe that books are right up there with the world’s deepest and most abiding joys, and I can’t imagine my life without them. I was that little bookworm girl who read as she walked home from school (how I managed to avoid colliding with poles is still a mystery). And, whatever the state of my finances, I’ve never been able to resist a new read, for books seem to me as essential as food. Evidently, I’m still that little bookworm girl – and long may it last!

So welcome, welcome, welcome. Pull up a chair, fluff up those pillows (reading in bed is double the pleasure), pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and here we go.

Once upon a time, the GLAMOUR Book Club began…

Editor, Pnina Fenster

Glamour International