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Get the most out of your styling iron

eclipse landscape CMYK chatted to Senior Stylist and Manager at Spoilt Hair and Nails Greenpoint, Neville Diamond, about his top tips to improve your hair care routine, prevent damage and get the most out of your styling tools.

GLAMOUR: What are your top tips for choosing the right straightener for your lifestyle and hair type?

Neville: Stick to a good, well-known brand – for example ghd – that has a guarantee and will not burn or damage your hair by overheating.

How do I prevent damage resulting from heat styling?

Use a heat protectant spray and a moisture treatment once a week to replace the lost moisture due to heat styling.

How should I change my hair care routine if I’m using heat stylers regularly?

Get a good moisture treatment from your salon – and cut your hair every 8 weeks.

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Can heat stylers be used effectively and safely on ethnic hair?

Yes, as long as a heat protectant is used. The styler should also not touch the scalp. The ghd Eclipse is a great option as its outside does not heat up.

What’s the mistake that you most often have to correct when teaching people how to use their straighteners?

People tend to clamp their hair to hard and tight. When you pull the iron there should not be any resistance.

What’s something that not many people know that you can do with a good straightener? 

You can do awesome curls, finger waves and create volume.

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