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5 Steps for the perfect blow-dry

5 Steps for the perfect blow-dryWant to learn how to get the perfect blow-dry and protect your locks while doing so? Read on to find out how!

1 Don’t get too close

Give your hair some space.. The more space you give, the safer your strands will be from damage.

2 Never start with soaking-wet hair

Squeeze out your hair with a towel (preferably a microfibre one) before you begin blow-drying. If your hair begins to steam or sizzle, you’re hurting your locks!

3 Don’t use extreme heat

Unless you have extremely thick or coarse hair, keep your flat iron below 180°C and your blow-dryer on medium heat to avoid damaging your hair.

4 Keep your hands moving

Don’t stay in one spot for more than a second and move quickly from root to tip. With your flatiron avoid lingering in sections and work with pieces no wider than the plates.

5 Avoid too much friction

Friction is not your friend when flat-ironing! To avoid this apply a heat protector with silicone that will lock in moisture, as well as mist shine-boosting formula from roots to tips before applying heat!

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