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7 Tips for catering your big day

7 Tips for catering your big dayAfraid of ‘hidden costs’ when it comes to the catering at your wedding? Here are 7 things you should consider adding into your contract before signing with your caterer.

How much staff will be provided

In addition to your servers, factor in one caption, or supervisor, per hundred guests.

Special meal options

Have guests indicate food allergies or restrictions on their RSVP’s and give your catering manager a heads up if you know any specific guests’ needs ahead of time. And always include a vegetarian option!

What the little ones are eating

If you’ve got lots of kids coming to your wedding, the caterer should be able to whip up their meals for half the price of adults’. Request a separate menu for kids during your tasting and figure out how many meals will be needed. And don’t forget them during cocktail hour! Small kid friendly plates will keep everyone happy.

What the vendors are eating

You’ll need to feed the catering staff, your band or DJ, your planner and any other vendors throughout your party (assistants included). Most are happy with a buffet in the kitchen about half the price of each guests meal.

Rental details

Caterers should include a few choices of coloured cotton linens, and many offer coloured glassware and plates. Remember your rentals will go up according to the items your choose: silk tablecloths and Chiavari chairs will cost more than cotton runners for example.

The days timeline

Indicate what time you’d like the reception space to be “room ready” to avoid a backdrop of half-set tables in any pre-event photos.

Additional fees and penalties

You may pay extra for cake cutting and, if you’re bringing your own wine, corkage. These and any other extra fees should be spelled out in writing, as should exactly how much it’ll cost you if you deviate from the contract.

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