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3 Twists on the classic topknot

3 Twists on the classic topknotHas anyone else noticed the heat waves that are suddenly sweeping through the cities? Wow.

We all know that muggy weather means that it’s time to pull up our tresses. Our necks could really do with a breather.

Yes, you could just throw it into a bun or high ponytail, but why not try something a little more sleek and stylish? A trending topknot will keep you cool in more ways than one!

Although they look pretty straight forward, mastering the topknot isn’t always quite as easy as tying a bow. Here are step-by-step instructions for 3 fresh, slicked back looks. With a little practice, you’ll be to DIY them in no time.

1. Roughly brush out slightly dirty, second-day hair.
2. Pull your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, leaving out a few flyaways. Secure with an elastic.
3. Backcomb the ponytail until it appears ‘fluffy’ to create volume.
4. Once you have the desired volume, twist your hair into a circular shape around the elastic. Pull out a few strands to add to the texture.
5. Secure the bun with a few bobby pins, and finish with some styling spray.

Structured and sleek
1. Smooth out your hair by brushing every section of your hairline straight upward, including the nape of your neck.
2. Pull your hair into a high, tight ponytail and secure with an elastic.
3. Split the ponytail into two sections and create a rope braid by twisting them together. Spray the braid with hairspray to smooth flyaways.
4. Twist the rope braid tightly around the elastic.
5. Secure the topknot in place with bobby pins.

Back braid bun
1. Flip your head upside down and create a French braid from the nape of the neck.
2. Once you reach the crown of your head, temporarily secure the braided section with a bobby pin.
3. Pull all of your hair (including the braided section) into a tight ponytail on the top of your head and secure with an elastic.
4. To make the topknot tall, fold your ponytail in half over itself and secure with a bobby pin.
5. Twist the ends of your hair around the elastic and the folded knot, and pin it in place.

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