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4 Tips for a ‘frizz-free’ summer

4 Tips for a 'frizz-free' summerIt’s almost here! After months of planning your bikini body and festival-ready wardrobe, summer is just around the corner. Panic!
Joining the gym, booking wax sessions and getting a tan are suddenly a top priority. Well, we’ve got another thing you need to add to the list.
Just like your body, your hair needs some time to prep before the warm season kicks in. A combination of the hot sun and summer activities like swimming and going to the beach can wreak havoc on your hair. That’s why it’s so important to put a plan in place to make sure that your hair remains frizz-free and well-hydrated during the hot months.
Here are 4 things you can do to ensure your locks stay smooth during summer:
  • After swimming, rinse your hair with fresh water. Combined with the heat, the chlorine in the pool water will dry out your hair even further.
  • When faced with dry, limp or fizzy hair, our solution is often to style it into behaving; this is a big mistake. Any extra-heat from a hair dryer, hair straightener or curling iron will cause more moisture to leave your hair.
  • One way to increase the moisture in your hair is simply to drink lots of water. In summer, drinking water is not only good for your body, but good for your hair as well.
  • A foolproof way to keep your hair happy in summer is to wear a hat. Thankfully, this perfect little accessory is a great buy for your hair and for your wardrobe!

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